Resurrecting Peace

April 14-April 21

Our lives are in turmoil because of sin. As the song goes, “I am a sinner, if it’s not one thing it’s another.” Sometimes we feel as though we can’t catch a break and that peace is just a nice, but unobtainable, thought. How can we truly experience peace? Through Jesus Christ. When Jesus died on the cross He defeated sin and death. But things didn’t end there. After three days He rose again and is now seated at the right hand of God the Father in Heaven! Through His grace and love shown to us at the cross, we can now experience true peace. This series focuses on the true seriousness and incredible grace of what happened on the Third Day.



Comfort Zone

June 24-July 15

We live in a comfortable culture. Most people spend all of their free time thinking of how they can live their life in the most comfortable, risk-free way possible. This is not inherently bad as people are generally looking out for their families when focusing on comfortability, however this becomes and issue when our entire focus shifts solely to being comfortable. What if that isn’t the point of life? What if God never intended for us to be comfortable all the time? What if being comfortable can get in the way of our mission to lead others to Jesus? These are the things we will be exploring throughout this series. (Justin Butler Preaching all 4 Messages.)


June 3- June 17

There are times in everyone’s life when it feels like you’ve run aground. You followed the navigation, you knew what you were supposed to be doing, but somehow, you’ve wrecked. You’ve crashed. You’re lost  and alone. This year, our VBS is all about the feeling of being SHIPWRECKED and needing rescued— for the next few weeks we’re going to be discovering that theme together, and seeing what rescue from Jesus really looks like in our lives.  We’ll learn to hold onto God's promises when they are lonely, they worry, they struggle, do wrong, and feel powerless.

Sticks & Stones

May 6- May 27

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me!” That might be the least true statement of all time. Words hurt. They cast doubt, they confirm fears, words mean A LOT. But what happens all too often is that we don’t pause and think about our words. Are the words we’re using true? Are they helpful? Are they positive? Solomon said, “Death and Life are in the power of the tongue.” The tongue has no bones, but it’s stronger than any other body part it seems— are you using yours to help or destroy?