October 1-October 15

It's incredible how often the world seems to be facing things it's never seen before. But, if you've studied much scripture, you'll see that the reality is that the world has been here before. People have faced similar circumstances and struggles. In the Old Tesetament, there is a story of a man named Elijah, and he's facing one of those situations that seems like insurmountable odds. He sees An angry king. Devastating drought. Epic opposition. And he is just one man who overcomes it all. When the world around us is spinning out of control, where do we turn? Join us as we learn from Elijah.





September 10-September 24

Never can one word sum up so man emotions, so many thoughts, so many stories, feelings. WHY? It’s a question we ask all the time. We ask it after a disaster, after a tragedy, sometimes, we even ask it after a stroke of good luck. WHY? The truth is, sometimes there isn’t a good explanation or answer. We don’t really know, there is no answer. But other times, it’s something we can understand, or at least be at peace about. But, it’s important to know this, it’s never wrong of us to ask that question, WHY? It’s an important question to ask, and one we’re going to try and answer these next few weeks.

Endless Summer

June 11- September 3

Late sunshine. Hot Dogs. Swimming Pools. Warm Temperatures. It's pretty difficult to find too many people who disagree with summer. There's something special about Summer. It's that time of year. It's that time when everyone's in just a little bit better mood, everyone's outside, everyone's more friendly. What if summer, just never ended? What if we always acted like it was summer time? We were always having neighbors over for cookouts and always having friends over for cookouts? What kind of impact would that make on the kingdom? This summer, let's make it, the Endless summer.


May 28- June 4

The baby you hear cooing, the toddler who won’t sit still, the preschool with 1000 questions? They’re NEXT. The 3rd Grader who’s rambunctious and the High Schoolers who’s unsure, they are too. They’re the NEXT CEO, the NEXT entrepreneur, the NEXT world changers and influencers. The NEXT presidents, and the NEXT generation of Mom and Dad. And, we can’t take the responsibility to raise them up lightly. Join us, and talk with us about what’s NEXT at Highland.