Skinny Santa

December 3- December 31


Are you frustrated with how fat Christmas has become? It’s too fat on our calendars, with way too many events. It’s too fat on our wallets, with all of those gifts we have to buy. And let’s face it: our waistlines don’t do too well over Christmas either. In the midst of the chaos of the Christmas season, we tend to forget the most important thing, the birth of Jesus. And who is the worst culprit of them all? Santa, the man who flies around giving our kids too many gifts and eating about 6 billion cookies in one night. But what if Santa wasn’t the problem but the solution? You may not know this, but Santa started off as a skinny pastor named Nick who was known for helping children in need. So this Christmas, we invite you to celebrate Skinny Santa with us. On Sundays leading up to Christmas, come join us as we take the Skinny Santa Challenge.





November 12-November 26

Methods are many, principles are few. Methods always change, but principles never do. It's true! We've got a few methods here that we're pretty sure of. They're fed by the principles we believe. The principles don't change, but the methods are a little more fluid-- The goal of the methods?? It's simple. Lives Changed, Lived in Community, and Leading Others. All of our methods fit into one of those 3 principles. Those are the guides, those are how we know where to go and what to do. Those form the methods. Lives Changed, Lived in Community, Leading Others.


October 22-November 5

There are people who tell you that numbers mean EVERYTHING in the Bible. They spend every waking moment digging and researching and finding and hoping to figure out just a little bit more with some math. They swear that everything comes back to the numbers. One of the numbers that appear's all the time is SEVEN. Three of the times SEVEN appears, aren't necessarily linked, but they're all three pretty important principles for followers of Jesus to be reminded of. Join us for these three weeks as we check out three of the times that SEVEN is significant.


October 1-October 15

It's incredible how often the world seems to be facing things it's never seen before. But, if you've studied much scripture, you'll see that the reality is that the world has been here before. People have faced similar circumstances and struggles. In the Old Testament, there is a story of a man named Elijah, and he's facing one of those situations that seems like insurmountable odds. He sees An angry king. Devastating drought. Epic opposition. And he is just one man who overcomes it all. When the world around us is spinning out of control, where do we turn? Join us as we learn from Elijah.