This is us

February 25-March 25

Family is a complicated topic of conversation. There are tensions, histories and stories. Each family tree has its own roots and branches, and the dynamics and difficulties that come with those are a tough balance. No one said having a family is easy, but should it really be this hard? The pressures of every day life, the expectations of our kids, the judgmental other parents everywhere-- it's never been tougher. THIS IS US is a 5 week sermon series on the family. A look at some Biblical guidance and help for being the kind of family that God dreams for us to be.




At The Movies

January 28-February 18

Often, we forget about movies as what they really are, Art. We use them as escape, as entertainment, as a babysitter, but we forget, above all else, they were created as pieces of art, most of them, to be enjoyed, to inspire, to ask questions, to answer questions. To change things. What if, we started examining films as art, that, even if it didn’t mean to, taught us a spiritual lesson? Taught us more about following Jesus? About understanding God’s Plan? About Fighting for Others? About Freedom? Join us, for 4 weeks of At The Movies.


Slay Goliath

January 7- January 21

Anxiety, Divorce, Unemployment, Depression, Weight, Hopelessness, Addiction, Exams, Sickness... The list goes on. It doesn't matter if you are 19 or 79, odds are, in your life, you are staring down at least one GIANT. A problem that looms over you, that's mocking you, that's calling out to you, that intimidates you. For the first three weeks of 2018 we're banding together, we're tackling these New Year's Resolution's head on. It's time for each of us to take some steps and finally, once and for all, SLAY GOLIATH.

Skinny Santa

December 3-December 31

Are you frustrated with how fat Christmas has become? It’s too fat on our calendars, with way too many events. It’s too fat on our wallets, with all of those gifts we have to buy. And let’s face it: our waistlines don’t do too well over Christmas either. In the midst of the chaos of the Christmas season, we tend to forget the most important thing, the birth of Jesus. And who is the worst culprit of them all? Santa, the man who flies around giving our kids too many gifts and eating about 6 billion cookies in one night. But what if Santa wasn’t the problem but the solution? You may not know this, but Santa started off as a skinny pastor named Nick who was known for helping children in need. So this Christmas, we invite you to celebrate Skinny Santa with us. On Sundays leading up to Christmas, come join us as we take the Skinny Santa Challenge.